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CBS Harp Circle

The CBS Harp Circle was founded by Vicki Greenslade in 2016 following the introduction of the first Harp Tastings course.  It had its humble beginnings for the first year and a half in the founder’s very crowded living room. The inaugural members of the Circle, in alphabetical order were:  

Treva Aberlee,

Dianne Boone,

Christine Hall Bromley,

Janet Coombes,

Jacqueline Cook,

Doreen Dray,

Sue Leanne Drodge Barfitt,

Barbara Grandy,

Vicki Greenslade,

Collette Kavanagh,

Stephanie Silver,

Elizabeth Warren,

Cynthia Whelan


It was conducted by Vicki Greenslade with input from Janet Coombes.  Ed Kavanagh, Harper from Mount Pearl was contracted to teach the first two classes of introductory harp classes, now better known as Harp Tastings, from which most of the Harp Circle Participants emerged.  

The first CBS Harp Circle meeting was a combination of an orientation to both the philosophy of music circles as well as some introduction to music theory.


This hybrid format of the traditional music circle seemed to meet the needs of the participants far better than the traditional Circle format and hence, it continues in this format until otherwise directed.  


Over the first two years the CBS Harp Circle increased in size and eventually outgrew its initial meeting space.  Currently, it has found a more permanent home at Topsail United Church. It continues to meet on a weekly basis (with a summer hiatus) on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 – 5:00 pm.  It is presently leader led but is quickly becoming a more independent self-led group.

Use the Contact Us page to send us your information if you would like to join!

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